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The Internet is a battlefield with publishers and advertisers fighting for the attentions of people's minds, hearts, and wallets. This site is dedicated to help guide webmasters in their quest to design, promote, host and monetize their own websites, networks and mini empires. Along the way hopefully webmasters will create content that betters the world and the human race. *Read more about this Site

Site Sections

Webmaster Basics and Essays

This section contains a detailed glossary of terminology used in online advertising, webhosting, webdesign, and search engine optimization as well as essays about what a webmaster is and how offline media differs from online media.

Design and Content

This section contains do's and don'ts of basic web design as well as methods of navigating and tools needed to design and maintain webpages.


This section contains information about things to consider in regards to virtual hosting, dedicated hosting, colocation, and even free webhosting.

Making Money

This section covers the basics of how websites can make money. Methods of monetizing webtraffic are broken down into highly specific categories such as below the scroll banners, above the scroll banners, buttons and text ads, popups and popunders, selling merchandise, paid content, and other methods.

Web Promotion

This section contains information about search engines, reciporical link building, visitor retention strategies, paying for traffic, offline promotion techniques, and how to submit to the major internet directories.


This section contains links to a wealth of external resources on topics such as webdesign, search engine marketing, and other webmaster and internet themed sites.